Brabus Classic – 280SL Pagoda – beige

Brabus Classic – 280SL Pagoda – beige


Year: 1968
Model: 280 SL Pagoda
Mileage: 1 since restoration
Colour: Light Beige
Trim: Leather Dark Brown

The W113 Mercedes-Benz SL was introduced as a replacement for the legendary 300SL in 1963 and is known as the
“Pagoda Roof”, because of its slightly concave hard top. A fast, safe and comfortable two seat sports car, it is also
extremely practical as it is supplied with a hard top as well as a soft top so can be used all year round.
The 280SL is a highly prized collectors item and this example would have pride of place in any significant collection.
More than 2000 hours have been spent restoring the car with every nut and bolt replaced and every element returned to as-new condition!

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