A true automotive enthusiast, and pioneer in luxury
automotive, Bob Forstner has created an
incredible experience for all clients since 1980.

The Forstner Group has been involved in automobiles since 1923.
It was founded by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
Since the early days of childhood Robert L. Forstner had a place for automobiles in his heart.
He has oil in his blood.

THE 80s

In 1980 Robert L. Forstner took over the Forstner Automobile company from his father that – over the years – became a synonym for American cars way beyond the borders of Stuttgart. Soon it became an official service point for US army members in Germany. After becoming one of the first Chrysler/Jeep-dealers, his company grew to one of the largest manufacturers’ representatives in Germany. International success was achieved by competing in the European and German Off-Road Championships. Vehicles prepared by Bob Forstner won numerous titles and competitions. It was always special cars like the CJ5, CJ8, Prowler, Ram Pick-Up and Viper that interested him the most.

Since its emergence, the Viper played a important role. Robert L. Forstner represented the German dealers at meetings with the legendary Robert A. Lutz. Viper fascination led to founding the German Viper Club. After the Daimler-Chrysler-fusion, the representation was sold to the parent company in November 2000. Excalibur Deutschland – the official importer for Excalibur cars from the USA – was founded as a GmbH (Ltd.) in 1990.

THE 90s

By coincidence, Robert L. Forstner had an encounter with a yellow Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary in 1992. That was the beginning of a great love affair. A passion for the car, several visits of the Italian manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini SpA (at that time part of the Chrysler concern) and conversations with personalities like Robert A. Lutz, Mr. Adams and Mr. Kimberley were the starting signal for a new era in 1993.
The seed for the official partnership between Lamborghini and Excalibur Deutschland was sown. Excalibur Deutschland eventually became one of the world’s largest Lamborghini dealers. In 1998, the distribution of Lamborghini all over Europe was discussed. A Lamborghini SVR race team was formed and competed all over the world (Lamborghini SVR-Racing within the scope of the Philippe Charriol Super Sport Trophy). The factory presentation and test car Diablo SVR 001 remains with Excalibur until this very day.
Another milestone was the Diablo GT. Excalibur managed to managed to sell nearly a quarter of all cars produced.
Every model that Lamborghini ever built is a myth and every Lamborghini is a part of history on its own. The Lamborghini Collection/ Museum developed in time to one of the most significant in the world.

2000 to PRESENT

In 2003 Lamborghini asked Excalibur to open one of the first showrooms in the new corporate identity implemented by Audi. The Excalibur showroom was located in the prestigious Friedrichsstrasse in the centre of Stuttgart.
Soon the Bentley franchise was opened and in 2006 Pagani chose the Forstner Group as its importer for Germany. KTM announced their new Product “the X Bow” and once again the Forstner Group was chosen as a pioneer.

In 2009, Excalibur Park Lane was founded. The showroom on the legendary Park Lane was opened and brands such as Brabus, Pagani, Ruf, Spyker were soon at home. Park Lane has always had a thriving Classic Car division, selling the most exclusive classics.

In Stuttgart, the Lamborghini Museum was opened and soon the company was well known for its award winning restorations of Lamborghini products. The Lamborghini Service Centre is specialised in Lamborghini, new and old.
Mercedes and Porsche, brands that fascinated Robert L. Forstner , found a place in the collection. Soon they were also the object of restoration and service repairs.



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